Introductory Questions

1. My name is Cici Dong. I'm double major in BFA communication design and marketing with minor in Music. I'm a junior.

2. I have a background of communication design skills and visual arts. I'm right now having an internship as online graphic designer at JD co. the second largest internet company in China. I took CSE 131 during freshman year but didn't like it. Still I really want to become an interaction designer in the future so I take this class.

3. No I don't. The only knowledge that I have is a little of JAVA.

4. Building basic website for my portfolio

5. more interaction with the audience

6. is the website that I choose because it's the coolest chocolate website that I have ever seen. By puttind one product in the middle of each page, the variety of colors on each page pops out. As you scroll down to the next product, the consistent format with different color and creative product name really makes it stands out.

7. is the one I choose because the animated title, the strong wording, and creative firmatting make this website stands out from traditional charity website, which are usually lack of visual hierachy and interaction with viewers.

8. The formatting is well-organized so that you can immediately know the function and purpose of this website as you click in. The combination of color also adds more visual collision.