Xiao Long Bao

"Chinese Soup Dumplings, or xiaolongbao (小笼包), are perhaps the most perfect single bite of food ever conceived by man. This tantalizing, dreamy snack is probably the most famous dish to come out of the Jiangnan region of China. It is often associated with the city of Shanghai (the largest city in the region by population, and also the largest city in all of China!), which is why soup dumplings are often called “Shanghai Soup Dumplings.” If you’ve never tried xiaolongbao and don’t have any authentic Chinese restaurants near you that serve them, we have good news. You can make soup dumplings at home!"

Xiao Long Bao image

"It is not easy to make this little, juicy and yummy soup dumplings at home. Soup dumping usually is featured by its juicy soup filling. There are two different varieties of the pork filling. Some use pork rind jelly while the other one use stock directly. For beginners, pork rind jelly version is much easier since it would be easy to assemble to soup dumplings. "



Pork Filling


For the Pork Jelly

For the Filling

For the wrappers

Steaming process